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Name : Yasmin | Sex : Female | Age : 30 | Caste : minority | Govt Id Type : aadhaar | Govt Id No : 3571 1593 6542 | Address : Shamshabad | Centername : Shamshabad

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Consultation Id Consultation Date Disease Referred for Diagnosis Referred to Other HospitalDelete
362021-01-05Gastroenteritis, No, NoDelete
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Medicine Id Medicine Name Available Qty
46Metformine 500mg60
20Glimipride 5mg60
11Atenolol 50mg60
13Bisacodyl 5mg60
24Doliprine 500mg60
16Ciprofloxacin 500mg60
12Azithromycine 500mg60
15Cetrizine 10mg60
9Amoxycillin 500mg120
17Pantaprazole 40mg53
14Calcium Elemental 500mg48
40Augulab 62550
39paracetamal 500mg50
44amlovin 5mg160
25Parazet 500mg150

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Medicines Issued History

Date Issued Medicine Formula Name No of TabletsDelete
2021-01-09Pantaprazole 40mg7Delete
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